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    D2 vs B2 ,,,,,, Mr. Moore made some very valuable and valid points, I would like to add a few of my own D2 (Mn - Mo alloy) and B2 (Cr - Mo alloys) both have different mechanical and physical properties. What is the ultimate end use of the service of the ...

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    Hello I have a related question to this filler material. Which would you use on DP 980 ER80S-D2 or 4140? ------------------------------ Kenneth Blum Welder - Cutting Operator MESA AZ 480-751-7945 ------------------------------

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    In response to the "hypothetical" , I would first like to examine "what does the required code specify", 2nd, try not to too create a way to skirt the issue to make the situation easier for the welder or myself, IF the code specifies "BASE METAL THICKNESS" ...

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