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    FTT: Fracture Toughness Test, it is mentioned on Table 5.3 [PQR Test Requirements] AWS D17.1_2017Ed. The FTT report must be included when specified in the engineering documents or by the Engineering Authority, otherwise: N/A. ------------------------------ ...

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    In general, welds in mild steel are usually stronger and harder than the base material.  What was discovered in Research done for API relative to petrochemical  hydrocracking vessels, may be of interest.    There were a number of failures in hydrocracking ...

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    Hi Ryon, That is what I read from FAQs said. I took Part B first, then the next week I took Part A & C. I have really a very tight time to study since I am going for maternity leave. Glad I passed the Part A & C as per Prometrics. Thanks and please ...

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