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    I DO remember... you had my decked out, mountain man, Dream Jeep, but had to borrow a pocket knife (making me feel like I still have a shot at "Mountain Man" status). Good job and thanks for the kind words. Now go do good things. PWC ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi there just wanna say a big thank you to Paul Cameron. I don't know if you still remember me but I was the guy who drove all the way from Colorado with my little Jeep to take your CWI class In Glendale, AZ on the second week of December 2019. He would ...

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    From my read of Figure 6.4 the qualification test requires two welds be made. t1 is the maximum single pass fillet weld used in construction and t2 is the minimum multiple pass weld used in construction. Though unstated, what is implied by this is the ...

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