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    I had this question come up from one of our QC guys and I couldn't answer it. Under D1.1 2015 section, (2) the last statement ends with "except as provided in (c)." Generally the code will reference a table or section, however in this case it ...

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    RE: Stud Welding

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    Interesting, That does help. I did assume that's how you got there, Through trial and error and what holds up to the 7.8.1 requirements.   I see some gray area after reviewing chapter 7 closely. Our in house process is making sure there is 360 degrees ...

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    I was just passing some of the afternoon watching an old episode of "Gunsmoke". I thought it was interesting to see the hinges on the jail cell doors were welded to the door jam. I never realized they could deposit fillet welds backing in the day. ;) ...

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