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I am an AWS/CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) and Bolting Inspector, ICC S1/S2 Special Inspector for Structural Welding and Bolting, ASNT Level II VT and MT, and City of LA Deputy Building Inspector for Steel Construction operating out of the Prescott Quad Cities area of Arizona providing service for all your Steel Construction needs anywhere in the USA.

Inspections completed in a Spirit of Excellence.

Excellence is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain;
But working in an attitude of accomplishing the job in a Spirit of Excellence is the goal of our TEAM as we meet the challenge of your job. Reputations are everything.

I am an Inspection/Welding/Fabrication Shop Owner with over 40 years experience in all aspects of business administration. A great emphasis on Quality Control/Assurance in all phases of each job. Putting all our resources together to totally satisfy the needs and requirements of each customer.

We have specialized in QUALITY in order to assist you in achieving it.

Our TEAM Specialties: In house QC/QA and services as a TPI and Special Inspector as an AWS/CWI with Bolting endorsement and ASNT ACCP VT Level II. ICC S1&2 SSW Bolting/Welding/Print Reading. One TEAM member is an LA City Deputy Inspector. Welder training by certified welders, welder qualification/certification tests and reports, Welding Procedure Specification development, report writing, metallurgy, communications skills, all add to our ability to meet your every welding need.

Our QC/QA TEAM at Arc-Tech Welding, Inc decided to re-evaluate our goals and we changed direction. As of October, 2013 we are totally committed to QC/QA and have made the welding shop a support partner for our work as QC/QA inspectors .

TEAM members are dedicating any spare time to acquiring additional certifications. Among those: PT, MT, UT, and ASNT VT.


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