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    Go to this link for all the details on our annual Top Golf Event in Scottsdale: 3rd Annual AZ Top Golf Event for AWS Scholarships ------------------------------ Brent E. Boling; AWS/CWI Welderbrent; President Arc-Tech Welding, Inc/ Arc-Tech Inspections ...

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    Thank you very much for the information and help Karl, I appreciate it greatly. This is exactly what I was looking for to start my research and evaluation of the technology.  I would still love to see your presentation in 2019 at Fabtech. Again thank ...

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    ​Hi Brent, It's not sixes, but now I'm in deep doo-doo. Here we go. There are two factors controlling residual stress: Young's Modulus and the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. We all know that steel and most other materials expand when heated ...

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