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Topic: 70+ Trending College Application Essay Prompts | 2021 Guide

Essay writing is one of the jobs assigned to students whenever teachers want to assess their abilities and competencies. It is one of the reasons that almost all the application frameworks include at least one essay writing task. In order to help you with essay writing or practice it well, I am going to share 70+ Essay Writing Service that will not only help you get an idea about the mentality of the teachers but they can be good practice points. 

1-  What is your view of success?

2-  Have sports brought anything good onboard?

3-  How do you think technology needs a ban?

4-  What is your idea of commitment?

5-  You are a man of commitment or results?

6-  What is important hard work or luck?

7-  Is daylight dreaming an illusion?

8-  What has made you realistic in life?

9-  Do you prefer leadership or a managerial role?

10-  How has life made you a thinker?

11-  What do you think about your position?

12-  What makes you eligible for Essay Writer opportunity?

13-  Do we need social media?

14-  What has your life experience brought to your actions?

15-  How has life been rude in your career?

16-  Is a career built or is fate decided?

17-  Do you prefer wealth or intelligence?

18-  What do you think about the code of conduct?

19-  Do truths sustain in the materialistic world?

20-  What is your approach to failure?

21-  How do you see leadership?

22-  How do you define a positive personality?

23-  Do you think tragic life is better than a bed of roses?

24-  What is life?

25-  Man of pain or a man of pleasure?

26-  Art for art's sake justifies?

27-  Art for life sake; comment

28-  Do you think life shakes and breaks?

29-  What is the struggle?

30-  Pain to express or feel?

31-  How life is cruel?

32-  Man is to God, as flies to wanton boys?

33-  Me or the world, choose one and comment?

34-  Failure is a headshot agreed?

35-  Education is losing its merits?

36-  How has education become a struggle today?

37-   Define credibility?

38-   Dream choices or honesty?

39-  Racism and education system, comment

40-  How do you see education in the next 10 years?

41-  Has technology-aided or destroyed?

42-  Life has been a death dream?

43-  Does your status define your success measure?

44-  Has success its root in wealth?

45-  What is the future of the world?

46-  How has social media brought you closer to globalization?

47-  What if you get your dream job?

48-  How have your choices changed over time?

49-  Do you think success is defined by social status?

50-   The value of me in the world of us?

51-   Is the world cruel?

52-  Humanity or dignity?

53-  Life is a choice?

54-  Leaders are born or made?

55-  Is your inner self justified?

56-  Imagine yourself in the world war I

57-  Humanity and being human, differentiate

58-  Justice delayed is justice denied?

59-  Are you a good citizen?

60-  What reforms do you want to bring in the education system?

61-  How has the education system made you a man of words?

62-  What is the value of co-curricular activities?

63-  Worrier or a warrior?

64-  What made you think you should go for the test?

65-  What is the key to success?

66-  Your contribution to your community?

67-  Are you a planner or a doer?

68-  What guarantees success?

69-  How has your academic career changed your thinking about success?

70-   Is the digital world real?

71-  How do you see yourself acting as an ambassador of morality in the Write my essay?