Plastic Welding Conference 2022

When:  Jan 27, 2022 from 11:00 to 17:00 (ET)

Plastic Welding is a key element of the plastics manufacturing industry, which is large and growing in the US. However, manufacturers struggle with weld quality evaluation, leading to millions of dollars in recalls annually. For some plastics applications, the cost of a failure in the field is more than just monetary. Therefore, it is very important that plastics fabricators and end users understand how to properly evaluate weld quality.

Key speakers Professor Avraham Benatar and Ted Hutton have worked on the development of AWS standards and have been at the forefront of the plastic welding field for decades. They are joined by subject matter experts Miranda Marcus and Gordon D. Splete. Together, they represent over one hundred years of plastic welding expertise. Conference participants will gain valuable insight into weld evaluation techniques that can applied to any industry. In addition, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions during the panel discussion.