Gerald Austin, CWI


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Christian, Husband, Father, Friend, Welder. Been blessed with many things of which I don't deserve.
I Struck my 1st arc in 1978 decided then I liked it. Welded in HS (Manufacturing Job) , US Navy, Construction (Boilers/Piping/PV), Maintenance/Repair, and Steel Fab. I have loved every bit of it and cannot think of any experience I would give up.
While I was welding, I got a little fed up with inspectors making up their own rules. I learned what codes required and as a welder, tried to stick to that. I began inspecting my own welds using the actual acceptance criteria before calling for inspection. I later became a CWI in 90 (let it drop), another #in 97(let it drop) and one more in 2007 (Did my 1st ever 9 year renewal this year).
Gone back and forth from QC to welding over the years, never got great at either but loved it.
Always wanted to be an instructor since God has blessed me with the ability to work in this field and it has been answered.
I think the old AWS forum is unmatched for its content related to welding!
I think the ability for us to share knowledge online has greatly improved the potential for people to grow professionally.


Iuka, Mississippi, United States
Christian, 2000
Life, Death, Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ, New Testament Christianity
2000 To
Advisor: The Word of God

Jefferson State Community College
Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Quick Basic Programming
1991 To 1991
Advisor: None, I brought in my Welding Program I already wrote. Instuctor said no need to come back.

US Navy C-1 Welding School
San Diego, California, United States
US Navy Nuclear Power Plant Components Welder HT NEC 4956
1983 To 1983
Advisor: Mr. Yell (Class 027)

US Navy Hull Maintenance Tech "A" school.
Treasure Island, California, United States
Sheet Metal, Pipe Fitting, Welding, Firefighting, NBC/CBR Defense
1982 To 1983
Advisor: Uncle Sam was the only authorized advisor at the time!

Kingsbury Vocational School
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Lots of degrees cause welding is HOT!
1979 To 1982
Advisor: Mr. Ed Hemmingway, Millington Tn. Friend and Family till he left this world.

Kickapoo High School
Springfield, Missouri, United States
Mr. Greenes General Metals Class
Basic Metal Working, Made a chisle, hammer, and filled a piece of angle with 6013.
1977 To 1978

Type of Business

  • Misc. business services( incl. commercial labs)


  • Arc Welding
  • Computerization of Welding
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Machinery
  • NDT
  • Piping and Tubing
  • Pressure Vessels and Tanks
  • Safety and Health
  • Structures

Job Class

  • Consultant